You’ve been picking your cat up wrong

Allison Yee
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Cat lovers rejoice – if you’ve struggled to figure out a way to pick up your feline friend without their squirming or scratching their way out of your loving embrace, we’ve found the solution.

In a post that’s going ridiculously viral on Reddit, a how-to clip posted by Dr Burstyn from Vancouver has revealed the best way to pick up cats.

Dr Burstyn showed off the right way to pick up cats. Photo: Youtube/Helpful Vancouver Vet

Dedicating an entire seven minutes to the topic, Dr Burstyn explains step-by-step how to properly lift up your pet – and Redditers are loving it.

“I’ve never doubted my ability to hold a cat yet I felt compelled to watch this video until the end,” commented one.

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“Certainly one thing I didn’t envisage I would do today. Watch seven minutes of how to hold a cat,” added another.

“I’m not gonna watch a 7 minute video about picking up ca…. oh, it’s over already?” joked one Redditer.

For those wondering how to pick up kitty’s, Dr Burstyn says it’s all about one thing – squishing.

Poor Claudia isn’t the most willing participant. Photo: Youtube/Helpful Vancouver Vet

“If I need to carry a cat around, I usually just hold them close to my body,” he says. “Squishing them into myself… I can carry her around quite safely like this and she won’t want to get away.”

And if you need to stop your cat in its tracks? More squishing.

Need to stop your cat? Squish it, says Dr Burstyn. Photo: Youtube/Helpful Vancouver Vet

“Always squish that cat,” he said.

“If you’re trying to hold a cat down whether it’s to trim their nails or give them a pill, or whether you just want to have a cat not run off for a moment – squish that cat.”

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