YouTuber responds to backlash over $2 food and water challenge

YouTuber Alfie Deyes has apologised after copping some serious heat for his patronising food poverty challenge.

While the idea was to challenge himself to live off just £1 ($2) per day, things took a turn for the worst when uber-rich Alfie was rather insensitive to those who actually endure food poverty.

Alfie admits that his food challenge video was ignorant and a massive mistake. Source: Youtube/PointlessBlogVlogs

During the video – which has since been deleted – Alfie complained how difficult it is to maintain a healthy diet on a minuscule budget while still enjoying the luxuries of personal training sessions, driving a fancy car and not restricting his spending in any other area of his life.

Naturally, social media was not having a bar of it and called out Alfie, who earns around a million pounds a year through YouTube, for “making poverty entertainment”.

Alfie has since responded by releasing an apology video admitting, “I messed up really bad… This is a very big deal and I’ve made a massive mistake here.”

“When I made the video, as you can see from watching it, I didn’t think about charity. I don’t know how, looking back on it I have no idea how I didn’t think about it. People have been calling me ignorant and I get that,” he says.

In the original clip, Alfie goes for a trip to Waitrose to simulate a food poverty shop, musing that he “Can’t be healthy when living on a pound”.

He also claims free doughnuts from Krispy Kreme, before buying a T-shirt, some jewellery and a comb designed to detangle beards – naturally, not from his £1 budget.

He has since announced all the revenue from the video will go to charity. Source: Youtube/PointlessBlogVlogs

“I’m not excusing anything, I’m taking the full hit, my fault, incredibly stupid, just didn’t think about it, which is such a shame,” he apologised.

Alfie also acknowledged he doesn’t want to make any profit from this video and instead said all revenue will be donated to charity.

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