YouTube power couple with 21 million followers just split

Olivia Morris
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Social media power couple, Jake Paul and Erika Costell, with a combined YouTube following of over 21 million have announced they have split.

Jake, 21, announced the news in a statement on Twitter that the pair – dubbed ‘Jerika’ – were no longer together and actually “broke up a while ago”.

“After many discussions and some serious soul searching, it became apparent to us weeks ago, that we could no longer be boyfriend & girlfriend,” the statement read. “While it was a truly heartbreaking decision, it is the healthiest thing for both of us.”

The YouTube star went on to call Erika a “beautiful soul” adding that “she truly changed my life”.

Erika was originally Jake’s assistant, but after he broke up with his ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet in 2017, the pair eventually started dating.

The pair recently appeared in a documentary by another YouTuber, Shane Dawson, titled The Mind of Jake Paul, where Jake’s whole life and rise to internet stardom was explored in an eight-part series.

Shane delved into Jake’s past, including discussing his relationship with Alissa, but it has not been made clear if the series had anything to do with Jake and Erika’s split.

Of course, with millions of fans online, many were heartbroken by the story of #Jerika had officially ended.

Jake Paul’s brother

If you’re not familiar with who Jake Paul is, then you may recall who his older brother is – Logan Paul.

Earlier this year, Logan uploaded a video to the YouTube titled “We found a dead body in the Japanese Suicide Forest…” featuring himself laughing and joking with friends over a suicide victim.

Source: YouTube / Logan Paul

Realising he’d made an error of judgment, Logan quickly tweeted out an apology to his millions of followers, saying the video had been a “huge mistake”.

Logan’s YouTube channel, with more than 18 million subscribers, is a huge source of revenue and reportedly earns him more than AUD$9 million every year.

Many of his videos feature his mansion, extravagant cars and cashed-up lifestyle funded entirely by his video streams.

Another YouTube power couple breakup

Earlier this year another YouTube power couple, David Dobrik and Liza Koshy – AKA the Posh and Becks of YouTube – revealed they had split.

The couple taped an emotional video. Photo: YouTube/David Dobrik

The pair, who have been an item since 2015, announced the news via a shock video where they explained that they’ve been keeping the news from their fans for six months, and didn’t even tell their friends about the breakup until three months after the fact.

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