Your body on coffee

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Caffeine lovers rejoice!

Your favourite brew has more hidden perks than just an early-morning kick-start. So drink them in.

It maximises your memory
Downing 200mg of caffeine (the amount in two espressos) improved long-term memory in a recent US study. Research in mice suggests that it could also protect against dementia, helping to keep your grey matter sharper for longer.

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It makes the gym easier
About to tackle a sweat session? Fuel up with coffee. Just 350mg of caffeine prior to a workout will help you power on for longer, reports a PLOS One study. For best results, imbibe an hour before. Two gym classes in a row? Bring it on!

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It upgrades serotonin
You had a hunch your morning java makes everything better, and now a Harvard study shows depression risk is 20% lower in women who drink four cups a day. It’s likely caffeine’s effect on serotonin and dopamine is to thank for the mood boost.

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It’s bad news for cancer
Next time you pop the kettle on, make your other half a coffee too: men who drink more than four cups a day have a lower risk of prostate cancer. And animal studies suggest that regular latte sippers may lower their risk of liver cancer.

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It safeguards your heart
The heart-speeding effects of espresso might be a good thing. A US report found a daily dose may make your heart perform better by improving blood flow during rest. A reason to feel less guilty about sitting all day? We’ll take it!


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