Younger Generations Are Calling Out The Most Toxic Things About Baby Boomers, And WHEW, It's Brutal

Generations like to critique each other. And when it comes to baby boomers, people online have offered their fair share of *brutal* jokes and observations about them.

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So, here are just 15 tweets about boomers that are so accurate, it hurts:

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1. The fact that they want kids to play outside but hate when kids play outside:

Boomer neighbors on NextDoor: “Kids never go outside and play anymore! The parks and alleys are empty!” Boomer neighbors IRL: “How dare neighborhood children play a game of basketball outside on a summer evening at a nice normal volume! Go inside!”

— Meg St-Esprit (@MegStEsprit) August 23, 2023

Twitter: @MegStEsprit

2. Thinking money doesn't solve things:

"money can't buy happiness" is a boomer lie it absolutely can

— Felonic Joey (@Freshcoralblast) August 21, 2023

Walt Disney StudiosMotion Pictures / Via Twitter: @Freshcoralblast

3. Getting mad at things like this:

the “boomer getting mad that a homeless person has a smartphone” phenomenon is a great insight into how a lot of older people forget that good technology has grown incredibly cheap and housing incredibly expensive

— i’m tweeting over here (@upzone_CA) August 23, 2023

Twitter: @upzone_CA

4. Asking questions like these:

Another baby boomer at work looked at the tattoo on my arm and said “you know those are permanent right” and i said no

— sweet dee (@deelalz) August 31, 2018

Twitter: @deelalz

5. The lack of accountability:

okay but the thing about “we didn’t start the fire” aside from its evergreen memeability is that he was TRYING to say every generation of young people resent the mess their predecessors left them but some Boomers took the moral of the story to be “nothing has ever been our fault”

— Claire Willett (@clairewillett) August 23, 2023

Twitter: @clairewillett

6. Thinking that we should all be struggling:

One of the most toxic boomer mindsets we have to change is that more struggle = more growth.An unnecessary workload only burns people out and does the opposite.

— rus (@russelmatthew_) June 24, 2020

Twitter: @russelmatthew_

7. Like, everyone should just *work harder*:

boomers whenever millennials and gen z-ers refuses to grin and bear it, work five jobs, pinch pennies and live a life that makes them miserable, all to experience an american dream that barely existed to begin with.

— Flirt Cobain (@MAD_lines) March 26, 2023

HBO / Via Twitter: @MAD_lines

8. Forgetting today's cost of living:

Boomers have the nerve to lecture millennials on financial responsibility when, in 1985, the average rent was $520, the average worker earned money for nothin and the typical chick was free

— ❤️Hush Jared🤙 (@HushJared) August 26, 2022

Twitter: @HushJared

9. Giving outdated job advice:

someone please make a reality TV show where boomers apply to jobs with the wildly outdated advice they unsolicitedly give millenials/Gen Z I am begging

— Allison Perry (is on art hiatus) (@allisonperryart) March 13, 2023

Twitter: @allisonperryart

10. Like, that firm handshake will really seal the deal:

boomer energy be like “just do what I did in the 1970’s I payed three dollars for university then walked into where I wanted to work gave them a firm handshake they offered me a job I saved five bucks a week and now I’m worth hundreds of millions”

— Matthew Graham (@mattysino) September 22, 2021

Twitter: @mattysino

11. Believing that calling people will solve every problem:

one boomer thing is the belief in the miraculous power of the telephone, anytime i encounter some obstacle my parents advice is "try to call them"

— John Ganz (@lionel_trolling) May 3, 2021

Twitter: @lionel_trolling

12. Thinking anyone can just buy a nice lil' starter home:

Nothing makes my blood boil like social media posts about young ppl trying to buy a house, any house, for less than $800k where 50 Boomers are like “why can’t young people today just settle for a nice starter house?? I bought my first house for $100k and it was only 2000sq feet!”

— Lucy Huber (@clhubes) July 3, 2023

Twitter: @clhubes

13. Telling millennials not to drink coffee:

Boomers LOVE talking about how much money “millennials” waste on coffee. I’m sorry that we spend $4 on finding the will to make it through the day in this nightmare of a society that your generation created, Karen.

— clair without the "e" (@nastywomanatlaw) June 10, 2019

Twitter: @nastywomanatlaw

14. Calling everyone sensitive:

It's always funny to me when Boomers accuse young people of being overly sensitive "special snowflakes" who can't handle the real world.My dudes, we all worked in retail. We know which generation is most likely to fly off the handle over the most minor inconvenience imaginable.

— Existential Comics (@existentialcoms) April 21, 2023

Twitter: @existentialcoms

15. And finally, refusing therapy:

Boomers: “My generation never went to therapy and we turned out fine”Me:

— Pride Month Beta 🧱 (@beepboopbeta) September 6, 2021

Twitter: @beepboopbeta

Welllllp. What are some other things about baby boomers you notice? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.