Young tradie dad's plea for greater respect of women goes viral

Eliza Velk
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A young tradie has taken to Facebook to share a heartwarming message of respect for woman, in hopes of moving away from what he says is Australia’s “shocking rape culture”.

After been shaken by the number of sexual assault news headlines he was seeing, Jakson Elfring, a father of two boys, felt it’s time “someone stands up and starts saying something” – which is exactly what he did in this video.

“I think people need to start holding themselves to a higher standard” he starts.

“They need to know their self-worth and they need to have self-respect for a start, but they also need to have respect for others.

“Respect for others that is not hard,” he says while further suggesting boys learn to respect and appreciate their own mums as a starting point.

As a dad, Jakson goes on to say how he plans to be a good role model to his two boys and guide them down this path of respect.

“I will try and lead by example and hopefully teach them a couple of right ways,” he says before continuing to encourage men to stand up to their mates if they are being disrespectful and aim to set them straight.

Jakson Elfring has shared a message of respect encouraging men show a greater respect for women and it has since gone viral. Source: Facebook/Jakson Elfring

“The rape culture here in Australia is shocking,” he says. “It makes me sick it really does.”

“No means no.”

“They’re three of the easiest words you can live by and that is not hard to understand,” he pleas.

Jakson concludes by pushing that it’s time to “start changing things.” It’s time to “surround yourself with good people and be a positive member of society,” he proclaims.

The video, posted only a week ago has received an overwhelming show of support with 33 thousand shares and over 9000 reactions.

“Jackson I as a woman am proud of you and also for you wanting to teach your boys the difference about right and wrong where woman are concerned and all things in life are concerned. Resect is a word that we need to install into our young people. Love our work,” one person praised. 

“My faith in humanity has been restored. Lets all hold a higher, kinder standard,” another commented. 

Let’s hope this encouragement towards increasing the level of respect women deserve, continues. 

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