Young girl's school pics go viral for hilarious reason

Kristine Tarbert
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A mum has shared the hilarious result of letting her daughter choose her own outfit for school picture day.

Laura Pyle labelled it the best “f*** up” ever, after sharing her six-year-old Addison’s photos online.

Addison had picked a sparkly green dress to wear, her favourite at the moment, but when they got the photos back Laura couldn’t believe what had happened.

“I dropped my phone, I was laughing so hard that I was crying,” Laura tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “I immediately took a few screen shots and sent them to my husband.”

Addison wanted to wear her favourite green sparkly dress. Photo: Supplied/Laura Pyle
But that’s not what it looks like in the photos. Photo: Supplied/Laura Pyle

Addison’s green dress had inadvertently acted like a green screen, meaning she was now dressed to match the background – all 87 different options.

“Addison has a great sense of humour, just like the rest of us. She loves all of the photos,” Laura, from Pennsylvania, tells us.

“Currently, this green dress is her favourite dress, which is why she wanted to wear it for picture day.”

Mum Laura let Addison pick her outfit. Photo: Supplied/Laura Pyle

Laura shared the hilarious images on Facebook.

“THIS IS THE BEST F*** UP I HAVE EVER DONE,” she wrote in the post. “I didn’t think anything of it… until I received the email with her proofs in it. THERE ARE 87 STYLES. I NEED THEM ALL.”

There were 87 styles. Photo: Supplied/Laura Pyle

The photos quickly went viral.

“And they tell you not to wear green! I think they should encourage it,” one person wrote.

“I am so doing this next year,” was another comment.

Omg that is hilarious and these are fantastic,” another person said.

It’s not the first time this happened. In August, Laurel Boone Hutsell shared photos of her son, Carter, after she had suggested he wears a green shirt for school photos so it pops.

Carter looked fantastic. His hair and his smile were both on point. Except the photographers opted to use a green screen. Put simply, Carter essentially is a floating head and arms in his school photo.

Could this be a new trend?

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