Young boy's brutally honest homework answers go viral

Kristine Tarbert
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A mum has shared the hilarious response she found in her son’s homework, after he made it very clear he’s not keen on studying outside of school hours. 

Taking to Reddit, she uploaded a picture of the ‘honest’ answer he submitted to his teacher, and it has since gone viral.

The question that seemed to have hit a nerve with the young student was “Describe a time when you’ve felt angry”.

His response was pure gold.

“When I found this homework in my backpack,” he wrote.

The young boy did not want to do homework. Photo: Getty

He did however come around to the idea eventually.

The next question read: “What did you do?”

To which he responded: “Did it.”

The post has since had over 250 comments with many applauding the young boy for his humour and complete ‘sass’.

“These kids are always my favourites. Give me sass and attitude any day of the week,” a teacher responded.

“Some of the best comedy can be found with school homework answers,” another said.

Buy him an ice cream,” was another comment.

“Relatable,” one person wrote.

It comes after a UK mother shared a picture on Twitter recently of an assignment which included her son’s honest answer to a question about his favourite book.

They were asked to review their favourite book from when they were younger, and the boy picked, There’s a Dragon at my School.

The six-year-old boy was asked: “Would you recommend this book to a friend and why?”.

He responded in a hilariously brutal way, writing: “No, it is my favourite and I don’t want anyone else to have it.”

Sorry guys, no book for you!

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