You can now make your coffee on the go

Leah Cohen

Coffee fiends can now rejoice to the sound of grinding coffee on the go.

Mojoe, the new portable coffee machine, allows you to brew your own coffee anytime anywhere.

The successful Kickstarter project created by MoJoe Brewing Co received $85,860 from 728 backers to help bring mojoe to life.

Mojoe the portable coffee machine. Photo:

Whether on the bus or walking to work, the coffee making thermos is perfect for those on the run with little time to spare during their morning routine.

Hammered with work in the afternoon? No worries, you can brew a cuppa at your desk without having to go to the kitchen and make awkward small talk.

So how exactly does this neat little contraption work?

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You pour any-temperature water into the water compartment and pour any kind of ground coffee you like into the filter. You then turn the mojoe on by using the battery or plugging it into a power source in the car or wall.

Depending on the temperature of water used, one cup of coffee will be ready in six to 10 minutes.

If you take milk and sugar, add them in before you hit brew.

In the car, on the bus, on the train or on the plane, mojoe can go anywhere. Photo:

Not a coffee drinker at all? Don’t worry, mojoe can make tea and hot chocolate too.

it also doubles as a travel mug so you don’t need to schlep around another portable cup.

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There is one catch however. All pro coffee drinkers will know the secret to a good cup is freshly ground beans and unfortunately mojoe doesn’t grind coffee beans too, so this might put some in a dilemma.

Do you wake up earlier to make a freshly ground up of coffee at home? Do you pay up to $4 for a cup at the cafe? Or do you go mojoe?

Hmm tough call.

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