Have your very own secret agent holiday

Allison Wallace
An extreme experience. Photo: iStock

It’s a ski holiday with a definite twist.

If you have you always wanted to be a secret agent, then your perfect holiday is here with a real taste of the spy life.

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Drive an Aston Martin just like Bond. Image: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Inspired by the crazy stunts on Bond films, there are four 'From Verbier with Love' experiences that will definitely leave you shaken – not stirred: Licence To Ski, Goldflying, Spy Who X Me and A View To A Thrill.

Looking for a thrill? Photo: iStock

Some of the challenging activities include avalanche rescue training, heliskiing on a glacier, paragliding and stunt ski lessons.

Learn to fly a chopper. Photo: iStock

There are also some more refined options included like learning how to make the perfect martini and test-driving an Aston Martin.

Want a perfect martini? Photo: iStock
Fighting skills. Photo: MGM

The “Spy Who X Me” even features special weapons training, self-defence lessons, close protection skills on skis and an escape room.

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You will even get to stay in the very same Swiss chalet where James Bond actor, Roger Moore, partied in the sixties in the heart of Verbier.

Chalet Ker Praet in Verbier.

If some of the activities are a little too out there for you, each package can be tailored to your individual needs, while you sip on Bollinger and nibble some caviar a la Bond.

Sound like fun? Why not take it to the next level without the element of luxury.

Live the high-octane life of a secret agent with an extreme hostage rescue experience or an ambush survival experience run by several ex-Special Forces members through Exsus.

This real-life adrenalin rush can take place in exotic locations across Europe and there are a range of 'missions' to choose from.

On a smaller scale, you can opt for single day and partial day experiences, where you undergo all the training you would need to become some sort of spy through the likes of Red Letter Days or Virgin.

Get ready for that call from Mi6...

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