New York City woman shares natural hack to keep cockroaches away

A woman in New York City recently posted a video sharing her hack to naturally prevent cockroaches and ants getting into the house.

Jessie Eden (@_faebae), a native New Yorker, has a two-ingredient recipe consisting of water and peppermint oil. All you have to do is combine the two in a bottle and spray the areas you want to protect against cockroaches.

“The star of the show, peppermint essential oil. Get a brand you like,” she said. “This stuff is strong and you will smell why bugs and stuff don’t like it. And then just tap water.”

The reason why the hack works is because of the peppermint oil, as Eden said. According to a study done by the Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology at Auburn University, peppermint oil can be an excellent repellent against roaches and other insects.

Eden’s hack is one of many that TikTokers have gravitated toward in order to keep roaches and other bugs out of their space. In July, another New York City resident went viral for their hack to keep their apartment roach-free while on vacation.

TikToker @hello111 went viral for posting a video of her covering any drain with a cup, which stops any roach from getting inside the apartment. More than 20 million people watched her video, and many of them either knew of the trick or said they would start trying it.

Both videos were greatly appreciated by their viewers as the upcoming season normally brings cockroaches with them. According to Northwest Exterminating, many cockroaches can’t handle temperatures under 50°F. As the weather begins to get colder, the roaches will start to find shelter indoors to make themselves comfortable.

Still, this hack can help right now because cockroaches also prefer to be away from extreme heat, which has plagued several places in the United States this summer.

Eden’s viewers wholeheartedly agreed with her suggestion, with some of them already instituting this method.

“This definitely works! I also put the peppermint oil on a cotton ball and put it in corners and behind hanging wall frames (for spiders),” commented @beautiful.niy7.

“I use this hack and it works! I also add a little vinegar too so that I can have all purpose cleaner that smells good and repels bugs,” replied @genevvaaaaa.

While this hack has some positive reviews, people should be careful to use it if they have pets — specifically dogs. According, peppermint oil is toxic to dogs and can be fatal. In order to make things safer, the oil has to be properly diluted.

Yet if no pets are involved, this hack can be another one to add to the anti-cockroach arsenal.

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