Yes, You Can Indeed Make Pancakes In The Microwave

pancakes with syrup
pancakes with syrup - Vlada Tikhonova/Shutterstock

While everyone would like to cook those big morning breakfasts you see in the movie, the work week can be busy and a time crunch. However, just because you don't have time to whip out the frying pan doesn't mean you can't enjoy pancakes for breakfast. You can quickly cook them in the microwave.

No, we're not talking about those frozen pancakes you can pick up at the grocery store either. Like scrambled eggs, you can actually whip them up from scratch and cook the batter using the heat from the microwave. While it's recommended for quality purposes to cook your pancakes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit, those stacks can actually be cooked the same at a slightly lower medium heat. Doing so, in fact, helps ensure you don't end up with a burnt shriveled pancake.

Many microwaves are more than capable of reaching those temps with some high-end models capable of reaching more blistering degrees. A standard 700-watt microwave can reach 350 degrees Fahrenheit, but an 1100-watt microwave can rival a 625-degree oven. Sure, your pancakes may not taste quite as good as cooking them on a stove, due to the microwave damaging your food's structure, but you will hardly care given the convenience.

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How To Make A Microwave Pancake

pancake batter in bowl
pancake batter in bowl - Tatiana Foxy/Shutterstock

Making a microwave pancake is a fairly standard affair. You would follow all the steps of preparation up until the actual cooking process. In a microwave-safe plate or bowl, add butter or a slight bit of oil to prevent your pancakes from sticking. You'll thank us later. The actual pancake batter is a combination of flour, salt, sugar, baking powder, butter, milk, and eggs all mixed together if you want to from-scratch pancakes.

However, since you're making a pancake in a microwave, we understand that time and convenience are important to you, so you could always buy a bottle of already-made pancake mix. Just pour the mixture into your bowl and stick it in the microwave. But, if you want a more transportable dish for your morning commute, consider making a microwave pancake in a cup or mug. The process is similar — just coat the inside of your cup in butter or oil and then add the batter.

Generally, it only takes a minute for your pancakes to be done. From there, you can garnish your creation with your favorite berries as well as heaps of syrup. You now have breakfast you can eat on the go.

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