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Bread banging, Ireland

Got some leftover bread from your Christmas lunch? The Irish have a good use for it – they use it to bang against the walls and doors of their home, and chase out any bad luck. The ritual – believed to bring good spirits into the house – is also done in the hope of having enough bread for the year ahead. [Photo: Unsplash/Kate Remmer]

This is how New Year's Eve is celebrated around the world

Ellie Ross

We all have our own New Year’s Eve traditions. For some it may be watching the local fireworks display and toasting the year ahead, while for others it’s simply staying up until 12.01am to see in the new year.

But, around the world there are a whole host of weird and wonderful traditions that help different countries ring in the new year.

From plate smashing to bread banging, this is how the rest of the world celebrates New Year’s Eve.

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