XO, Kitty’s Anna Cathcart and Anthony Keyvan reveal why kissing scenes can be ‘uncomfortable’

XO, Kitty’s Anna Cathcart and Anthony Keyvan explain why filming kissing scenes in the show can be ‘uncomfortable’.

Video transcript

- It's actually extremely uncomfortable and mechanical. There are a lot of moving parts, and it's the least sexy thing on the planet, to be honest.

- Yes, it's definitely not romantic.

- Because you have to rehearse these things. You have to talk it out.

- It's kind of look a dance.

- Yeah.

- It feels like a choreography to make sure that everyone's in the same page.

- There's an intimacy coordinator, someone who's there to like make sure-- yeah, everyone's on the same page, everyone knows what they're comfortable with. So it's a very thought out process, and there's nothing spontaneous or necessarily fun about it. It is very like-- it feels like work. Like OK, I have to remember to move my head this way.

- I feel like yeah, the dance is the best way that I kind of framed it in my head to not feel as like nervous about it. And I was, at least for my scene partners, that we all had each other's back, and they made sure that we were comfortable and stuff. And that helped, for sure, to be friends in real life too. So you knew you can trust them.

But yeah, it's definitely-- it's definitely interesting experience. And I don't think people can picture what that would look like. So it was my first time doing anything at this rate.

- It's definitley not as magical as like what the show makes it seem like.

- Yeah.


- Oh, what secrets? Secrets, secret, secrets are no fun unless you share with everyone. The cast are all like, I don't know if this is a secret. But I still think it's people might not realize it that the cast are all like besties.

- Oh, yeah. Yeah. I feel like you're so used to watching shows and like not seeing the cast hang out after. But we were genuinely hanging out. We were with each other 24/7. When we weren't at work, we were hanging out outside of work.

- Again, not a secret, but I do think people wouldn't really expect it is we never met each other.

- Yeah.

- Like at all until it was like you on the cast.

- Before until we are in Korea. Yeah,

- And are in Korea, and we're about to start.

- We all met over Zoom because a lot of us were in quarantine during COVID. Like when you fly into the country, they have go into like a week quarantine. So I met everyone over Zoom. And then I slowly met everyone at the hotel before we started filming. That's probably it. Like we didn't know each other. We had no idea.

- We don't know what to expect at all going into it.

- Yeah.

- For sure. And it worked out so well.

- And it worked out perfectly.

- We were so lucky.

- It was definitely a big risk, but I think it paid off.

- Yeah. I think about all the time, like how did that work out? We were so lucky. Everyone just clicks. OK, well, for her cameo first, that was so much fun. And it was so exciting to work with her. The parts of the scene got cut, so it was actually longer when we were shooting it.

And I had like a whole long speech and would just like stare right into Jenny's eyes and perform this whole thing that I'm like, you wrote this. This is so crazy. So that was a really, really fun day on set. And it was so cool. I love that she always has a cameo in all of her projects. It's so much fun I think for viewers to look forward and see it.

- In the JCU.

- In big JCU. In the Jenny Han Cinematic Universe, yes. Yeah, I love that cameo.