X-ray reveals sewing needle stuck in baby girl's chest

Doctors in China have removed a rusty sewing needle from a baby girl’s heart after her parents took her to hospital with chronic coughing and a high fever.

The 20-month-old infant named Chen Chen was examined by Wuhan Children’s Hospital cardiologist Wang Ruigeng, who found the metallic object by chance during a scan.

An X-ray reveals exactly where the needle was stuck in the tot’s body. Photo: Australscope

What he initially believed to be a pin on the toddler’s clothing was later confirmed to actually be inside the child, leading him to call for an emergency surgery.

The hospital in Wuhan, capital of Hubei province in Central China, assigned the case to cardiothoracic surgeon Pi Ming’an, who performed the delicate operation on the little girl.

The medic said the needle measuring 4.5 centimetres was found piercing the tot’s left ventricle wall. It had also caused an infection to her chest and lungs, which resulted in her fever and coughing.

“Luckily, the needle was not very thick and did not pierce any major arteries,” Doctor Pi said.

Her parents reportedly have no idea how the needle entered their daughter’s body. Photo: Australscope

The medic noted that the sewing needle was rusty when removed, suggesting that it had been inside the girl’s body for “a period of time”.

Her mother, who described herself as a full-time housewife, said the needle appeared to be from her sewing kit, but she does not know how it ended up inside her daughter’s chest.

Chen Chen has since been discharged from hospital and is not expected to suffer any long-term effects from the injury.

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