The worrying trend stressing out breastfeeding mums

Allison Yee
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As if mums don’t have enough to worry about when it comes to breastfeeding, a new survey has revealed a worrying new trend that’s left mums feeling the pressure.

According to new statistics, there’s a new place where pressure is coming from, with a whopping 47 percent of mums revealing their stress stems from social media.

New statistics show half of mums feel pressure from social media. Photo: Getty

With Breastfeeding Week kicking off from Wednesday, Liz Wilkes, midwife and Philips Avent Ambassador explains how important it is for mums to take a step back from the picture-perfect scenarios they see on their Instagram feeds.

“I think it comes down to perception, but what is portrayed on social media does not always reflect real life, that’s why having support networks is so important,” Liz tells Be.

“I think it’s a case of remembering that what you are experiencing is normal, and nine times out of ten you are not the only mother going through these challenges.”

With Liz explaining how “establishing milk supply, difficulty of the baby latching, as well as experiencing pain when breastfeeding,” are some of the most common problems, she urges friends and family to show their support any way they know how.

And it’s often the little things that can really help the most.

“Simple gestures like cleaning their kitchen or cooking a meal for them will be a huge help,” Liz tells Be.

Experts urge mums to take everything they see on Instagram – like celebs effortlessly feeding their babies – with a grain of salt. Photo: Instagram/pink

“Another great way to support your breastfeeding mum pal is to offer to take their baby out or bottle feed the baby to give mum a quick break. To do this is can be helpful to have some expressed breastmilk so mum can have a sleep, have a bath or do whatever she wants. This will require a bit of forward planning and a good quality breast pump, but it is something that she will be so grateful for.”

The statistics by Philips Avent also show that 65 percent of mums experience feelings of loneliness and frustration when it comes to breastfeeding, with Liz urging anyone who might be feeling isolated to reach out.

“If you’re finding things aren’t getting easier, then I’d definitely encourage mums to discuss their feelings with friends, family and professionals,” she says.

If you’re experiencing feelings of anxiety or depression contact Beyond Blue, Batyr or PANDA for support.

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