Working Australian Kelpies Prove They’re Anything but Ordinary Dogs

Working dogs are not the same as the average pet. While our domestic canines are accustomed to a cozy bed and regular meals, these pups have more pressing matters to attend to. And the dedication and enthusiasm they show in fulfilling these duties is awe-inspiring!

These hardworking helpers are also unbelievably athletic. Making it difficult to imagine what it would be like for our less active dogs to keep up with them.

Check out this June 24 video from @southaussiewithcosi to see them in action!

These dogs are incredible! Although they may be hardworking pups, their mom, Melissa (@mel_mcgorman), reveals they are also a beloved part of the family. She tells us her dog Socks, featured in the second clip of this video, has retired and now spends her days sleeping by the fire and protecting the house. That sounds like a delightful way to spend her retirement, especially after seeing how incredibly active she was during her working years. These spirited pups almost appear to have springs in their feet, effortlessly leaping over or through any fence they encounter. This skill is also essential when they jump on the sheep’s back to keep them moving and break up a traffic jam. For fun, they enthusiastically bite the water from the hose but are also experts at delicately drinking from a cup. It seems they enjoy every moment of their jobs, and if you love what you do, it never feels like work.

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Working Australian Kelpie Characteristics

The AKC describes the working Kelpie as alert, eager, and intelligent. Their instincts, loyalty, and devotion make them ideal for working with various livestock. However, it’s crucial to note that these energetic and athletic dogs need a job. Without one, they can take up activities, such as running after cars, the same way they would sheep. This highlights the importance of providing them with the mental and physical stimulation they require, and it’s safe to say apartment life would not be ideal for them.

People were impressed by these amazing pups. Viewer @petdoorsaust responded, “That turn-pike twist through the gate is a gold medal!” For sure! Viewer @barrooma remarked, “Australian working dogs are gold, and their attitudes reflect those of their families. They’re just doing the job, mate. Do you need a hand?” That sounds accurate. Viewer @freddy_dc quipped, “The only trick mine can do is drink from the plastic cup.” Compared to these pups, that’s all my two would be capable of.

Whether herding sheep or sleeping on a couch, seeing a dog doing what they enjoy most is always lovely. What more could any pet parent ever want?