Fast food workers reveal the things you should never order

Allison Yee
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Fast food lovers, get ready to re-think your favourite junk food order after workers have spilled the beans on what we need to steer clear of.

In a Reddit thread that’s sparked a whopping 5000 comments in less than a day, one user’s question of “Chain restaurant workers of Reddit, which meal should we avoid at all costs” has uncovered some terrifying revelations.

Workers have revealed all – and it might change your order forever.

With current and ex workers taking to the online forum and igniting fear in germaphobes everywhere, insiders say there’s one seemingly innocent thing diners should be wary of.

Apparently some of the dispensers dishing out that delicious drink you’re washing your burger down with are rarely – if ever – washed properly.

“I’ve never seen one without at least some mould,” wrote one commenter. “Long story short- those fountains are nasty and never cleaned properly.”

Watch out for drink dispensers, say commenters.

“I pulled the soda machine apart at the end of the night my first night as the night manager told me to clean it,” added another fast food worker. “I’m midway through cleaning it and she comes over stunned as I ‘broke’ the soda machine. She had no idea all these parts have to come off to properly clean the thing.”

The same goes for soft serve machines, say other workers.

“Avoid the ice cream and milkshakes,” added another commenter. “The machine that makes it gets cleaned like once every 4 months or 6 where I worked and the hosing gets filled with green fungus.”

It’s not just greasy fast food outlets we need to be wary of either.

According to one commenter who claims to be a health inspector, we might need to be wary of those cheap and easy sushi rolls too.

One Redditer claims cheaper sushi might be at risk of parasites. Photo: Getty

“If you can, never buy cheap sushi with raw fish in it. If it’s inexpensive it’s because they’re cheaping out on the fish,” they wrote.

“Not only is it less delicious, but it’s also less likely to have gone through the proper processes for parasite destruction.”

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