You won't believe why this woman was uninvited from her friend's wedding

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We’ve all heard some crazy stories of bridesmaids being dumped, insane requests, or people being left off the guest list.

But one woman has shared the bizarre reason why she was unceremoniously uninvited from the wedding of her close friend.

And it was all because “they wanted the flowers more than me”.

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“Once got uninvited to a wedding because the couple had picked lavender for the flowers and I informed the couple I was incredibly allergic to lavender,” Erika shared on Twitter.

“The disinvite was framed as them ‘looking out for my health’.”

In the ensuing Twitter discussion, she went on to clarify that her concerns were raised during the initial planning stages of the wedding, not last-minute.

“I WAS a very close friend and this was when they were still in the planning stages,” she wrote in a subsequent tweet.

“The maid of honour and I were talking and she mentioned the lavender. I reached out to the groom, who I was closer to, to remind him of my violent allergy. Apparently it didn’t matter.”

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Plenty of people online agreed with Erika that the couple was way out of line uninviting her from the wedding.

I’m allergic to horrible Bridezillas doing and saying horrible things,” one person commented.

I really wanted blue hydrangeas in my wedding and mentioned to my bridesmaids. One was allergic, so I changed my plans. Even though she said she’d take medicine. and suffer. No thanks,” another shared a similar story.

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Others however were quick to jump to the couple’s defence, saying they shouldn’t have to change their plans because of one guest. Some going so far as to saying she should suck it up.

“I would do the same once I decided I was having lavenders nothing was changing that,” another bride admitted.

“I am sorry you were uninvited, but it’s their wedding not yours,” one person wrote. “In this situation the tactful thing to do would be to take a couple of Benadryl and keep your allergies to yourself.”

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Did the pair go too far or was it totally acceptable?

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