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Emirates Christmas

You always imagined the people in First had it better but did you ever think it would be this fancy? Chocolate yule log, European Christmas cakes… the list goes on. Picture: Emirates.

You won't believe where this Christmas menu's being served

Aletha Wilkinson
Head of Lifestyle

Roast turkey, yule log, chocolate mousse and spicy Christmas cocktails – sounds like the ultimate decadent festive feast! The best part? You don’t need to make any of it yourself, and there’s no clean-up.

Emirates has released the details of its annual holiday offering and let’s just say we suddenly wish we’d booked a flight for the end of the month.

(Which is strange, because normally, no one really wants to be on a plane for Christmas – it’s already a stressful time of year without the added baggage of, well, baggage. Not to mention airports, security, travel documents… and if you have kids in tow, trying to manage their boredom and fatigue.)

Scroll through the gallery to see just how fancy your life could be, should you happen to fly during Christmas week this year…