P is for Peanuts

Subjects in a study at Purdue University received about 2000 kilojoule worth of peanuts a day to eat at their discretion. After 8 weeks, they had gained an average of about one kilo much less than the 3.5kgs researchers had predicted. Probable cause: The high-protein and high-fibre nuts filled them up. And after 19 weeks, they also had boosted their resting metabolic rates by 11 per cent, possibly due to the fatty acids in the nuts. Take the edge off your appetite by snacking on a handful (a quarter-cup) per day.

Q is for Quinoa
Quinoa (keen-wa) has more hunger-taming protein and fibre and less carbs than most other whole grains. Swap it for white rice and other refined grains.

Photo by stock.chng Oct 27, 2011

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