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Photo by Women's Health Aug 22, 2011

Instant summer weight loss

Discover the ABCs of slim and get bikini-ready this season

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  1. Julz08:48pm Wednesday 08th January 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Wow with all the comments below, people have forgotten that the article is titled 21 foods for BETTER SEX, not for weight loss and crash diets! Honestly I thought it was an interesting read.

  2. Malka02:21pm Monday 13th May 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    hey, we're missing 2, been ripped off, we were promised 8 and only got 6.

  3. Tharu04:10pm Thursday 17th January 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    This is a great offer . To whom like to lose them weight . i wish your all the best.

  4. Alex09:51am Thursday 17th May 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    The best thing any can do is so freakin simple...STAY AT HOME AND DONT GO OUT TO PASS IT TO EVERYONE ELSE......thank you on behalf of the community, that is all.

  5. John07:35am Thursday 17th May 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    If someone in the office has the symptoms send them home. As one of our staff has just past it on to everyone at work and people have been having time off left right and centre chaos

  6. Gus06:51am Thursday 17th May 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Keep extremities warm: hands, feet and head. Neck and ears wrapped up..DON'T try Yoghurt...Even low fat is very fattening. Take short brisk walks.

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  7. Francisca08:50am Tuesday 08th May 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Move your head to the right and then to your left. Repeat motion each time when offered food

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  8. John07:47pm Friday 04th May 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    omg guys this foods for women if guys eat it you will prob get sick lol sexist page haha

  9. Troy07:37am Friday 04th May 2012 ESTReport Abuse


  10. Jane08:58am Sunday 29th April 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Arrrrgh I hate this kind of advice! I am a housewife ,no chance of doing money draining pleasure activities,overweight desp[ite being busy with our large section ,decorating and having our 5 offspring around.When ever I phone a friend,no one is in and massage is what I do for my arthritic hands and joints after years of hard slog!