49 ways to burn off a Kit Kat

It is a truth universally acknowledged that eating chocolate is more fun (and way quicker) than burning it off. So in an attempt to redress the balance, we're giving you creative ways to help shrink a muffin top. Do five of them a day and you can lose half a kilo a week. Hey, you've burned around 8kJ reading this far. See, how easy was that?

Photo by Women's Health Oct 19, 2011

49 ways to burn off a Kit Kat

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  1. Glib11:13am Monday 17th December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Just don't eat a kitkat.

  2. 10:53am Monday 17th December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    I actually find that eating a small amount of chocolate actually helps me to lose weight, I like eating the share packs of picnics, I only eat one and it is satisfying. I drink a lot of water which is choice of drink, I don't go for alchol or soft drinks, which are just full of sugar and bad for the liver, kidneys, heart, I like to eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegys, I also do a lot of walking, playing tennis, and maintain an active live style, it all helps.