• Seven signs you haven't moved on from your ex

Sign you haven’t moved on 1: You keep cute mementos

We’re not suggesting that you start loading your car with expensive gifts from your ex and carting them down to the skip, but if you keep those cute little mementos that remind you of your time together, you’d be doing yourself a favour to get rid of them. You’ve kept the cinema tickets from your first date? And the pen that you seized from the hotel room where you first stayed together? Sheesh. By keeping hold of these objects you’re only prolonging the pain.

Photo by Getty Oct 22, 2012

Seven signs you haven't moved on from your ex

Unsure about whether or not you’re ready to hit the dating scene after your last breakup? If you recognise your own behaviour in any of the signs below, you’re probably not quite ready to break that emotional bond you’ve made with your soppy movies and box of tissues just yet.

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