Healthy travel: Beat the fat traps

By Jill Waldbieser

It's no coincidence that just as holiday travel hits its peak; your diet takes a nosedive. But it's not just stress, temptation, and mashed potatoes dripping with gravy that take a toll on you. "There seems to be an assumption that when you travel, you can't eat healthfully, so you don't even make an attempt," says exercise physiologist Monika Woolsey. Nice try.

Fuelling up is even more important when you're on the move. The right foods can help prevent jet lag, ward off road rage, and give you energy to deal with your family when you finally get where you're going. The pickings may be slim (in a not-so-good way) at some common travel pit stops, but dietary salvation is still entirely achievable—as long as you pack this guide in your carry-on.

May 25, 2012

How to eat healthy when you travel

Healthy travel tips to help you lose weight - even on the road