A fresh start

There’s a mantra I’ve been spruiking at Women’s Health HQ: “Wipe the slate clean for 2014”. Like it? One staffer joked it had Kevin Rudd all over it, but KRudd’s retired so my motto lives on. Perhaps I should get T-shirts made up and we can Instagram a team photo? Kidding.

Half the team have been working on WH since we launched six and a half years ago (me included) and on my return from maternity leave, I was super inspired about fresh starts and new beginnings. (It’s too easy to get comfy in the way you go about things.)

While sitting in traffic driving home on my first day – taking deep breaths – my mind was a washing machine of ideas. So I jotted down a few on a Post-it. My scribbles went something like this:

- If we've done it before, we don't do it again!
- Refresh, renew, reboot
- Change - it's scary...huge payoffs

So, throughout 2014 you’ll notice new stuff – revised sections, refreshed pages and red-hot content. You’ll also see WH come alive around Australia via events (we’ll keep you in the loop via social and in mag). You know the theory that if you share your goal with friends, you’re more likely to stick to it?

Well, that’s why I’m sharing our 2014 vision with you – I’m making you our so-called accountability buddies. We want your ongoing feedback so we can serve up stories tailored to your health and wellness interests. So hold us accountable! This way, we can deliver 12 issues of a magazine that truly motivates and inspires.

Why don’t you use our WH mantra for your year ahead – go for it! Take a Saturday morning time-out to get a clear direction on what you want to achieve in your health, fitness, nutrition, spirituality, career, finances, relationships and sex life. It might be quitting your dead-end job, starting group training instead of doing it solo, finally walking away from an unhealthy relationship, starting a food blog, trying paleo.

Sure, there’s risk in switching things up, but by embracing the challenge it will ultimately make you stronger, smarter and more resilient. And remember, we’re here to help guide your health and fitness quest – providing you with credible and expert advice coupled with quality journalism that’s delivered to you with an irreverent twist each month.

Happy NEW Year!

Felicity Harley, Editor

P.S. Watch as I reveal my tips for the perfect weekend below!