Healthy, delicious dinners aren't always easy to whip up mid-week

And if you're a vego it can be even harder to get all the nutrition you need plus the yum factor and minus any bad stuff.

But in our August issue, featuring The Americans star Keri Russell on the cover, we've put together our annual supermarket Oscars: The WH 99 best packaged foods (p100) where we nominate the top nutritionist-approved foods on the shelves - all guaranteed to boost your health and save you time.

To give you an idea of what you can expect, check out these past winners of the best packaged breakfasts for women.

Speaking of food, our August issue also looks at portion distortion. Australia is home to lots of big things – but increasingly, our portion sizes (and waistlines) are becoming supersized too, with the size of small coffee doubling in the last 20 years and the average chocolate bar now four times bigger! Given Australia’s obesity crisis, we reveal how to dish out a healthy amount of food – from hot chips to meat, cheese and more.

Also in our August issue we interview five top Aussie sportsmen who are passionate about supporting women in sport. Click the image below for more.

Photography James Geer and Steve Baccon

And if snoring is getting in the way of your sleep or sex life, this issue is for you! We investigate why sounding like a power tool all night can take a serious toll on your health. From drinking less alcohol to working out more and getting your tonsils assessed, Women’s Health reveals exactly how to silence your night and get the sleep you need.

Want to wear hair extensions without them looking fake? Our beauty editor Caelia Corse shares her secret in the video below.
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