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Newly dumped and feeling down? Take heart: it's the perfect time of year to be single

Right now is the “peak break-up period” – yep, couples are twice as likely to consider breaking up within the fortnight leading up to Christmas, according to two studies (one that examined 10,000 Facebook status updates and another by Yahoo! Personals).

Why so much dumping going on?

Blame has got to be laid mostly on the silly season’s influx of parties, where well-dressed people in celebration mode mix with inhibition-busting booze. (Oh, and the scrooges among us may assume it saves those in financial hardship money on a romantic Christmas gift.)

But it’s not all sombre. Summer is also the funnest season to make the most of your single status.

“New singletons should look on this time as an opportunity to kick back and enjoy thinking for just themselves rather than for two. Being single can be a lot of fun,” points out Howard James, spokesperson for new “casual dating” site, Forget Dinner, Australia’s first for single people who don’t have any intention to get married.

His tips for a happy festive season as a 'freemale':

1. Make plans

“Think about the things you want to do, see and achieve and make them happen. Don’t just wish for these things; actually write down plans for how you’re going to ensure they happen.”

2. Avoid drunk-dialling

“You don’t need to wish your ex a happy Christmas or see how they’re doing… Back away from the phone when these urges arise.”

3. Buy yourself a gift

Spend the money you were going to spend on him, on yourself. “Cheer yourself up and ensure no disappointment by buying the gift you really want this Christmas.”

4. Don’t search for “the one”

“Give yourself a break and enjoy some festive fun and casual dates. Sign up to new casual dating site Forget Dinner and meet other singletons looking for some no-strings-attached fun.” It’s free to register.

5. Enjoy the perks of singledom

“Focus on number one – being single is not a death sentence, it’s an opportunity to be selfish and think about only you!”