How to do 'no makeup' makeup.

Wet-look hair and a heavily contoured mug might be the height of fashion for summer 2013, but we’re guessing that’s probably not the look you’re after for your mate Gezza’s barbie this weekend.

In a survey by market research company Mintel, 80 per cent of women aged 25-34 said when it comes to beauty they do their own thing, regardless of current trends. That’s because you know somewhere between freshly scrubbed and Kim Kardashian exists a face that’s you – only better! It’s called “no make-up make-up” and like a maxi dress paired with tan sandals, it’s polished and pretty but it’ll never appear as if you’ve tried too hard. Click the next slide for easy how-tos and product recommendations.

Feb 5, 2013

How to do 'no makeup' makeup

No-fuss, barbecue season beauty sorted.