Like the difference between women’s and men’s pay cheques, how alcohol affects the genders is a disparity that could make you vomit. This time literally.

“Women have a higher proportion of body fat than men,” explains Dr Hanson, author of Preventing Alcohol Abuse: Alcohol, Culture, and Control.

“Because fat can’t absorb alcohol, more of it enters a woman’s bloodstream than a man’s. A woman who has one drink experiences the same effects as a man who’s drunk two.”

Here’s what else happens – and why matching him drink-for-drink is a bad idea.

20 minutes after your first alcoholic drink

You After one standard drink your blood alcohol concentration [BAC] rises to around 0.03 per cent. You feel relaxed.
Him His BAC is around 0.02. He feels little effect and is keen for another.
Do this Eat some carbs to slow absorption of alcohol in to your stomach. A good option: bruschetta. The tomato and basil stock you up with vitamin C (which alcohol depletes) and garlic helps shield your liver.

After 60 minutes

You After drink two, your BAC is around 0.04. The limit for driving is 0.05. Interest in sex rises. It’ll take around four hours for your BAC to return to 0.
Him BAC is around 0.03. He starts to relax.
Do this Slow down your drinking by playing pool or having a dance.

After 90 minutes

You Your BAC is around 0.08. Perception and memory are reduced. Hangovers become more likely over 0.05.
Him His BAC is around 0.06. Interest in sex increases. No surprises there, then.
Do this Order a soft drink to rehydrate and reduce your impending hangover.

After 120 minutes

You BAC is around 0.1. Speech may become slurred. Each additional drink slows your breathing and heart rate. Vomiting can occur around 0.12.
Him BAC is around 0.08. It will take another two drinks to reach 0.12.
Do this Go home.

If drinking alcohol has become a priority, seek help. Go to Counselling Online for advice.

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