The Ultimate How-To for All Running Levels

Training programs and advice for advanced, intermediate and beginner runners

July 8, 2010, 5:54 pmwomenshealth

Is 2013 the year you start running? Or is it the year you improve your running and target your first marathon? No matter what level you're at, below are some nifty, expert tips to get you going (and staying) on the right track.

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Running is an all-star kilojoule crusher, mood enhancer and disease fighter. And you don’t have to be a hardcore expert to reap its many benefits. Try our easy program and you’ll soon be riding that coveted runner’s high


Is running a foreign concept to you? Not to worry, as this program will sensibly help you build from a walk to a run while avoiding injury. By the end of the 6 weeks, you'll be able to run 5Km without stopping, three times a week.


If running is nothing new to you, but you want to ramp up your training, this guide if for you! Increase your current training (at least 2 days/week or 10km/week), and get your fitness race-ready.


This is for fairly experienced runners who clock up between 30-50Km of running a week. Whether you're planning your first marathon, or wanting to improve on a previous time, get some expert advice to help you reach your potential.

Six challenges to test your fitness level:

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Big Book of FLAT STOMACH secrets

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