Better sex workout

Yep, it’s true: loose women have better sex. Limbering up with yoga will help you build a strong, supple body – and that leads to a lot more action in the bedroom, says Ellen Barrett, fitness instructor and author of Sexy Yoga.

“Yoga increases flexibility, which helps you to be free and just go for it in sex,” she says. Here are a bunch more reasons you should hit the mat

It helps you flow
Yoga increases your overall blood flow and some positions, such as the eagle pose (see right), direct it straight towards your pelvis. When all that blood rushes to your bits, it makes you hot – literally. That heat, combined with a Viagra-like stimulation (as the blood swells your button), heightens your sensitivity and increases desire.

It tones your pelvic floor
Yoga strengthens your entire core – which includes your pelvic floor. “The more you work these muscles, the greater range of motion you have,” says Becky Jeffers, fitness director at the Berman Centre for female sexual health and menopause management in Chicago. “This gives you stronger contractions and releases, which can help you experience a more intense orgasm.”

It breeds confidence
Clearing your mind and focusing on your breath during a pose helps you become more aware of yourself. This mindfulness comes in handy in the bedroom. “You know what you need to feel fulfilled by your partner,” Jeffers says. “You can then communicate this deeper understanding to them during sex.” Knowing and expressing your desires will make you feel good – psychologically as well as sexually.

It boosts your mojo
According to Eastern philosophy, your sex life is governed by chakras – your body’s energy centres, in yoga-speak. Poses like the seated open angle and the triangle stimulate these chakras. “When your chakras are in healthy working order, your sexual relations will be vibrant and healthy too,” Barrett says. Your three “sexiest” chakras are the root chakra (located at your perineum – the area between your pubic bone and anus), the sacral chakra (centre of your lower abdomen) and the heart chakra.

Get loose – and let loose – with these poses. Yoga expert Ellen Barrett advises doing these exercises twice a week, after a light cardio warm-up, like10 minutes of jogging or biking.

Photo by Women's Health Dec 2, 2010

The better sex workout

WH uncovers the amazing potential that yoga has for bettering your sex life with just a few simple moves...

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  1. Neil10:38am Sunday 13th October 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Sex can be a very physical activity and we have found that the healthier and fitter you are the better the sexual expression and feeling one enjoys. In our early day we probably spent more time than we should have experimenting with the joy of sex but as we did our physical health improved as we worked at keeping fit through execise and diet in order to maintain our sexual prowess. We were not partners in the true sense but we did have a small FWB group.It soon became evident that the more physical fit of us enjoyed the pleasures of our times together far more than the not so fit. It was obvious to the women achieving an orgasm was far easier and more pleasurable when you were fitter. Those days are behind us but we now realise that we have to maintian our physical well being to enjoy the pleasures we still enjoy as a couple. Our children join us and are encouraged to exercise and be fit. Whilst we dont promote the later benefits -yet -they like us will reap the benefit of a wonderful romanr\tic experience in later life.

  2. Neil11:16am Saturday 23rd February 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    In the early days of my sexual life I had a girl friend who had difficulties enjoying sex. She always had problems reaching orgasm. For reasons apart from sex she began yoga and within a month the sexual side of our life improved considerably. (some classes were conducted in the nude which she enjoyed as well) Within three months the changes were amazing. It wasnt planned that way it just happened. She realised that with yoga she could control and direct muscle sensations she needed to achieve her climax amongst other factors. It was then she became more of the initiator of naked pleasures and sexual fulfilment. Not only did the sexual side improve but the physical health of her life also changed and she became a wonderful figure of a woman and a very outdoors person who enjoyed life like she had never enjoyed it before. We both give thanks to yoga and her trainers.

  3. Doris08:53am Saturday 23rd February 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    I just like to say that this is very true. I do alot of yoga and stretching and that has helped me achieve great orgasms. You need a very good partner that cares for you and knows what he is doing in bed. I have found this man and he thought me a thing or to about sex

  4. Victor L07:14am Tuesday 12th February 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    This article is excellent, and expresses an ability to improve health and fitness, and with that comes the inherent mental and emotional purification. This helps to overcome the prejudice and shyness that hold many people back from their true potential.