Michelle Obama's 9-minute arms workout

This "arm-shaping superset" is designed to sculpt the biceps and triceps.

It's only two moves (the next two slides after this), but you'll feel a big-time burn.

How to do it: Perform one set of exercise 1 (slide 2), then, without resting, do one set of exercise 2 (slide 3). Immediately repeat the entire routine until you've completed two to three sets of both exercises.

Oct 25, 2009

First Lady arm exercises

Get the strong, toned arms of First Lady Michelle Obama with this nine minute arm workout.

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  1. Michael11:44am Wednesday 23rd January 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    what about those teeth...

  2. Mohawk08:26am Wednesday 23rd January 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Apparently, she is a real madam when it comes to the secret service there to protect them.