• 7 worst training mistakes: Training pitfalls to avoid

Using the wrong workout gear

You know what they say – “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”. With that in mind, you’d be surprised by how many people you’ll see taking on challenges wearing workout gear that’s so far from appropriate it’s embarrassing.

Things like training for a marathon in plimsolls, or swimming in an old pair of shorts should obviously be avoided, but for some strange reason they do happen. Depending on what you want to achieve it’s possible buying all the gear you’ll need could prove quite expensive, but clever expenditure on quality products can add a lot to your fitness success.

Photo by Getty Images Apr 9, 2013

7 worst training mistakes: Training pitfalls to avoid

Are you training for a new challenge or event? It’s important to keep in mind some common training pitfalls that beginners often fall into. Get the best out of your training by avoiding these seven training mistakes.

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  1. Cion J.06:18pm Sunday 14th April 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    A few days ago I received a message from my friend on Facebook . She decided to go back to the gym being proud of herself only to be told she can't work out in those shoes. I didn't really ask what shoes she was wearing, I just presumed she's wearing a shoes that doesn't fit the gym criteria. I've never seen her in high heel shoes anyway. I think you have to be really stupid to think you can work out in high heel shoes... Da!

  2. Julie05:32pm Sunday 14th April 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Once again no opportunity to comment on an interesting article. The teacher who was suspended was obviously an intelligent and experienced educator. She was merely ensuring that her students would understand the prejudice minorities are faced with by majorities who use propaganda to persuade. It is not a new method. It was used by a young male teacher years ago who won an award for his efforts to show how people are judged by their appearance (colour of skin and eyes). The problem is that most Americans are so dumb now and something as challenging as this is beyond their capabilities.