Boxing workout: Hit like a girl

Women’s boxing will make its long overdue debut at the 2012 Olympics in London this July, marking the first time that all summer sports will have female athletes. (Took ’em long enough!) The landmark decision reflects the sport’s fast-growing popularity among women. Over the past few years, we’ve been pouring into boxing gyms and classes based on the “sweet science” in record numbers.

“Boxing gives you a sleek, defined body and improves your speed and reflexes,” says boxer and trainer Michael Olajide. There are some serious mental perks, too: because boxing requires a focused mind, it can almost serve as a form of meditation. “Students often walk in with a problem, and it’s gone by the end of the class,” says Olajide.

We’ve got an explosive total-body workout for you to do up to five times a week: do round 1, rest for one minute; move to round 2 and rest for one minute, then do round 3. Nix breaks to up your kilojoule burn.

Photo by Sandra Shap May 28, 2012

Boxing workout: Hit like a girl

With this do-anywhere boxing routine, you’ll look like a knockout in no time

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    if this girl is a primitive animal, i need to get in touch with the neanderthal within. and she's actually a sweet, modest girl. aren't you, jessie?