Get on yer bike - Aussie's poor diets mean we have to exercise more

February 19, 2013, 11:20 amYahoo!7

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New Australian Dietary Guidelines have just been released - doubling the formerly recommended '30 minutes of exercise a day', thanks to our poor diets.

Produced by the National Health and Medical Research Council, the guidelines suggest that in our 'current environment of abundant availability, promotion and consumption of energy-dense food' (read: junk food), Aussie's need a minimum of 45-60 minutes of moderate intensity daily physical activity. And that's if you just want to maintain weight.

The news is worse for the formerly obese, with at least 60-90 minutes of moderate intensity activity needed to prevent weight regain.

The guidelines also recommend measuring your waist circumference every two-three months and adjusting the amount or quality of your food intake and physical activity as required.

The last time these guidelines were released (1993) it was thought that if your diet was controlled, 30 minutes of moderate intensity daily physical activity would be sufficient to prevent weight gain in adults - as long as sitting time was less than 4.5 hours a day.

But with the average Aussie now clocking 15 hours a day on their bum (that's 90 per cent of your waking hours) it's easy to see why the '30 minutes a day' recommendation is seriously outdated.

Time to get your bum moving! Why not start with this 20 minute fat-burning workout?

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  1. Jo05:41pm Tuesday 19th February 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Standard working hours are 9am-5pm monday to friday and more and more people are finishing at 3-4pm. When you finish work, go to the gym for an hour. Actually you don't even need to go to the gym. Take your kids to the park and play some games. Movement is exercise. Is it not hard to swap your TV time for a walk around the block and a few body weight exercises. Get off your bum Australia. Your body won't listen to excuses and they won't improve your health. Stop killing yourself with KFC.

  2. Glib03:12pm Tuesday 19th February 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    No one has time for that unless they reduce the working week.

  3. MB01:34pm Tuesday 19th February 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Jollie Gillard you are one hell of a sick person You need help


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