Let's talk about legs

When Adam, the WH Art Director, handed me the first design of this month's cover, three words jarred: resize your thighs. This mag advocates a healthy body image, so is resizing your thighs too much? Then I started thinking...I gave birth to my son Jimmy in February, so I've been on a post-baby body blitz. Of sorts. During my pregnancy, I gained 17kg (let me add, Jimmy weighed 4.5kg at birth). My goal: lose weight, improve my fitness and fit back into my clothes.

No, I didn't set a deadline as I didn't want the angst of weight loss thrown into the whirlwind that a new baby creates. But yes, I wanted to lose it sooner than later. Sometimes I feel it's taboo to say you want to kick your baby weight. I've seen too many new mums roll their tired eyes at celebrities claiming they bounced back faster than they can say "go the f**k to sleep" (Kate Hudson worked out six hours a day after giving birth to be red carpet ready).

The key for me was not to be all Kate about it. I persuaded three other mums to share a PT on Monday mornings so we could take it slow. While the babies watched (er, and cried), we sweated, pushed and lifted. I've never been big on group fitness, but how inspiring is it working out around people who are grappling with the same stuff as you?

So, how did I tone my thighs? Slow and steady interval training using TRX ropes and moves like the switch lunge. (We've included this move in our easy 15-minute workout on p154). Our cover woman Elizabeth Banks once said in response to the celebrity post-baby body obsession: "Don't get to the gym right away. It's alright. This is not how it's supposed to be, everybody. Calm down."

Whatever your weight loss or fitness goals, your expectations need to be realistic to achieve them. And in December, when your hand seems to be grasping a wine glass more often than a free weight, cut yourself some slack. This issue is jammed with advice to help you through the party season...with your health intact.


Felicity, Editor

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