The first step is to see your GP and make sure you don’t have a medical problem, like anxiety or a thyroid disorder.

Chronic insomniacs are a tough bunch. Your brains have been badly wired and like an adorable puppy from the pound, they need to be retrained.

Try keeping to a regular bedtime routine. Wind down one hour before bed and switch off the TV, laptop, iPhone and other devices. Dim the lights and give your brain the message it’s snooze time. This is a part of your sleep hygiene – your GP can tell you more about it.

There are chemical sleep aids available and I find they either don’t work that well or work too well – and come with a lot of side effects. The worst are sleeping pills that have a rebound effect so when you come off them, your insomnia is worse than the problem you took them for in the first place. Boot them for good!

Sleep tight, every night
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