Women Are Sharing The Worst Dates They've Ever Been On, And It Really Shows How Hard It Is Out Here For The Single Folks

Warning: This post includes discussions of sexual assault.

If you've ever dated, chances are, you've gone out on a bad date before.

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Recently, u/checkmeowt904 asked the women of Reddit, "What's the worst date you've ever been on?" Here are 16 sad and unfortunate stories that people shared.

1. "Over dinner, he was on his second glass of wine and started crying over his ex-wife. In fact, it was his two ex-wives."


2. "I was set up on a blind date with a guy. He took me to a party where I knew no one. He then proceeded to flirt with every girl in the room and even left with another girl."


3. "Mine was with a guy I thought was really nice and smart. I actually had fun until the point he told me I couldn't go on dressing like this. He said that I needed to wear more feminine clothes or else I couldn't be seen as attractive, let alone be loved, but we'd still end up in bed together anyway, so he'd keep my contact. Spoiler alert: We did not."


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4. "I went on a date with a man I met through a dating app. I quickly found out that he lied about his age. He was actually 10 years older than me and recently divorced. He then took me to a gentleman's club 30 minutes away. He kept saying, 'You're like a sister' on the way there while stroking my leg because of how awesome I was to agree to see strippers with him. After the show, he drove us back drunk, speeding in his convertible and messaging other women on the dating app while driving. He ended the night by saying, 'So I'll be hearing from you again? Because I'm such a cool guy, and dates with me are the best.'"


5. "It was 3 p.m. one Sunday afternoon. I couldn't tell if he had a super bad hangover…or was already drunk. Or both. I lasted 20 minutes before texting my sister to call me with an 'emergency.'"


6. "I actually treated a guy who had pursued me initially for quite a while to dinner at a very expensive/romantic restaurant in our city. (It was a huge splurge for me.) All he did was talk about his girlfriend he had while stationed in Germany and how awesome living there was. He was really a self-centered snob (but I met him because he was the gas station attendant where I used to stop on my way home?!?) I seriously wish I'd listened to my gut instinct and just left him there when I went to the bathroom."


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7. "He was a lawyer and brought out paperwork for me to sign in the middle of dinner because he wanted me to be a witness (I don't know if that's the right word? This was years ago) on his case. Toward the end of dinner, he said he had the right to say whatever he wanted, then said the N-word. I was all but running out the door at the end, but he insisted on walking me to my car, where he kissed me. I jerked away, and he grabbed the back of my neck and tried shoving his tongue in my mouth. I don't do online dating anymore, lol."


8. "A guy picked me up on his motorcycle to take me back to his place. He pulled up to a shed by the house so I could get off, and he could store the bike, right? Wrong. The shed was his room. (This could already be a horror story, but we're talking about the worst date, not a near-death experience. ) He invited me in where there was only one place to sit — a recliner, which he sat in, before offering me a place on his lap. I chose to sit on a crate instead. He shared his airplane bottle of mouthwash-flavored vodka with me and, within maybe 15 minutes, said I looked like I wanted him to kiss me. I really had to pee, so he took me to the house on the property, which was his mom's. She was watching TV on the couch, and when I came out of the bathroom, he ushered me over to sit and chat with her. I requested a ride back home shortly after that. The next day, I texted something, saying I felt we were incompatible, and wished him well. He said, 'Your loss.'"


9. "He sat on my lap and farted because he didn't want it to make a sound. Then, later when the check came, he announced he had forgotten his wallet and ran out of the restaurant."


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10. "A friend fixed me up on a blind date with her newly single cousin. She claimed he'd be perfect for me. We met in a pub, and for nearly two hours, he talked about nothing but himself solidly. His life, job, his workout routine, his political opinion, and so on. He never asked me a single question, and I couldn't get a word in. Whenever I tried to speak, he held his hand up to silence me. The last thing he said to me was, 'Anyway, are we going back to yours or mine later?' I was so annoyed and disgusted with his arrogance that I just said, 'Excuse me' and walked out. I've not spoken to that friend since. I've no idea why she thought I would like a man like that. Awful. It was quite a while ago, but it really put me off."


11. "One guy started talking about politics and called Nancy Pelosi a c*nt. He bragged about living in his parents' mansion and then tried to show me his Prince Albert in the parking lot. I declined, walked away, and went back to my ex. Not the best idea on the ex, but damn, that was a bad date. I also had another guy who smelled like dirty clothes, didn't look like his picture, and made a bad comment about my religion without knowing it was my religion."


12. "The guy was incredibly awkward and showed up to a 5:30 p.m. tea date wearing a suit, a fanny pack, bike glasses, and those barefoot shoes. He spent the whole time telling me how much he hated his job. I cut the date short, and he told me he was going to go for a 12-mile run in his suit as some kind of flex. It was just bizarre."


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13. "I matched with a guy on Tinder. The vibe was good — lots of good chat. I agreed to a lunch date with him and decided to go for a picnic in the park in the middle of the city. He brought a very aggressive dog and no money or food, as we'd agreed. He kept saying his dog was hungry and basically pressured me into buying him a big bag of dog food. The dog kept growling at me as we sat and tried to eat. I was too embarrassed to leave because the situation was so ridiculous. He was asking me lots of very personal questions in quick succession. Eventually, I just stood up, got on my bike, and cycled away, leaving my picnic blanket and bits. Later, he messaged me, saying he couldn't wait to introduce me to his mother. Blocked immediately! Oh, and it wasn't even the dog in his profile pic!"


14. "Had a guy ask me if I was into anal before we even sat down for dinner."


15. "First, he told me he was going to take me somewhere 'really nice.' That ended up being Coney Island (which is a great first date but not 'really nice.' ) He showed up wearing an open button-up at least two sizes too big over a T-shirt that said, 'Where the chicks at?' The button-up had numerous burn holes, his pants were giant cargos, and his shoes looked like he picked them out from the dumpster. His opening conversation was about how hungover he was. Then when we arrived, he was making comments like, 'I'm not wearing no fucking mask' and completely ignored the 'masks required when not at table' sign. Throughout the date, he just kept saying worse and worse comments — even things that were racist. That's when I went into the bathroom to call someone to bail me out."

"Before I left, I insisted on paying for my own food. He got super upset and literally argued with me, but I wasn't going to let this guy have anything he thought he could hold over me. After reluctantly letting me pay for my food, he stood up and practically yelled he needed a cigarette. He also told me that he was going to get trashed with his boss and coworkers. I thanked him for the date, practically ran for my car, and blocked him."


16. "Wow, well, compared to these stories, I guess mine really isn’t all too bad. He was just a very awkward guy, which would’ve been fine if he didn’t act like an Uber driver. He came to pick me up, and when I went to get in the front seat, he said no and made me sit in the back behind his seat. It was super weird, not the biggest deal, but something about the way he did it just made me feel super uncomfortable."


Have you ever been on a bad date? Share your story in the comments below.

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