Woman outraged after her sister was refused wedding invite

Eliza Velk
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A woman has been left fuming after finding out her younger sister was the only one in the family that was denied an invite to the wedding of their close family friend.

After growing up together, the bride-to-be and the sisters had become extremely close friends, which is why it came as such a shock for this woman to see her 17-year-old sister not invited for a reason she deems as ‘unreasonable.’

That reason being, the bride and groom have decided to have a ‘No Under 18s rule’ for their big day – never mind the fact that the young sister was set to turn 18 only a week later.

A woman has been left outraged after her sister was refused an invite to their friend’s wedding for being too young. Source: Universal Pictures

Her older sister posted to online forum Mumsnet to hear what others thought:

“My mum, dad, sister and me have been invited to a family friend’s wedding. Known her all our lives. She says on the invite ‘No Under 18s’. We did wonder why our other sister wasn’t invited. She’s 17 (18 a week after the wedding), and has a [child] of her own,” she started.

“My mum did mention in passing if [my sister] was invited if she could arrange childcare and the family friend’s response was, ‘Sorry, but I’m sticking with No under 18s’.I think the family friend is being unreasonable.”

“It isn’t down to venue restrictions, either. It’s a very basic wedding with a little buffet and stuff afterwards. I had my wedding at the same location,” the post read.

Many people were just as confused by the ‘ridiculous’ rule:

“Small kids I can understand, but a 17-year-old? When all their siblings are going??? Incredibly rude!”

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“I’d not go. Ffs some people turn into utterly bizarre a******** around weddings. That’s just bloody mean not to invite your sis.”

And now the responses have now left the woman debating whether she should even go herself.

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