Woman creates stunning ottoman with two $10 Kmart dog beds

Rebekah Scanlan
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A thrifty home owner has come up with a genius hack to create a cheap ottoman out of two $10 dog beds.

Josie Stroffolino showed off her epic DIY skills in a Kmart hack group on Facebook, detailing how she sewed two velvet dog beds together to create a stylish new piece of furniture.

The 31-year-old from Adelaide explained that it was the deep navy colour that first drew her to the item, followed by the bargain price tag.

Josie Stroffolino shared a thrifty hack for creating a designer-like ottoman from two $10 dog beds. Source: Instagram/JosieStroffolino

“I absolutely loved the colour and the shape, as they match my home decor, but had no use for them,” she told Mamamia. “After some thought, I realised for the price, only $9.50 a piece, it wouldn’t hurt to buy a couple and have a play with them.”

The results were spectacular, with her plush homemade footstool rivalling some designer labels, including a Matt Blatt item that would set people back $995.

Josie Stroffolino shared her invention on a Kmart hacks group and has had an overwhelming response. Source: Facebook/JosieStroffolino

Best of all, she says it was extremely easy to make and required just a needle, thread and scissors.

First Josie unpicked the lining on the bottom of each bed and sewed the seams together, leaving a small hole for her to re-stuff them after. 

After, she sewed up the tiny hole and voilà.

Josie’s creation looks similar to this Matt Blatt design, which costs nearly $1000. Source: Matt Blatt
This $399 number from BROSA is also costly compared to the dog bed hack. Source: BROSA

Since sharing her how-to in the Facebook group, Rosie has been inundated with praise for her crafty idea.

“You’re so talented,” one user wrote, while another called her a “genius”.

The Adelaide local said she simply unpicked the hems and sewed them together. Easy! Source: Instagram/JosieStroffolino

She’s not the only person who loves a good Kmart hacks, with over 126,000 members belonging to the online community. 

At the start of the year, a mum’s $5 lunchbox hack went viral, that used an ice cube tray to create kid sized compartments for different foods.

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