Woman's shock ending to ‘cheating’ boyfriend sting

Allison Yee
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

After four years together, Amanda was left utterly devastated when her boyfriend Isaac decided he wanted to take a break.

Spilling all her romance woes in the latest episode of Youtube show To Catch a Cheater, Amanda explains how her own insecurities saw the couple decide to split.

Amanda readily admits her jealousy caused a rift – but wonders if Isaac has ulterior motives too. Photo: Youtube/To Catch a Cheater

“Lately we’ve been having problems,” says Amanda in the clip which has been watched over 300,000 times in just a few days. “I know that one of the reasons is because of me being so jealous.”

But while Amanda knew her jealousy played a part in their break-up, she was also suspicious Isaac might be wanting to play the field. So she enlisted the To Catch a Cheater team to follow Isaac and see what he got up to.

Isaac is seen having a drink with another woman when the team follow him. Photo: Youtube/To Catch a Cheater

Her worst fears were seemingly confirmed when the team came back with footage of Isaac meeting up with another female, hugging her and talking closely as they shared a drink.

Fuming Amanda decided she needed more proof, so set a honeytrap at a restaurant, to see if Isaac would fall for a beautiful woman throwing herself at him.

Amanda is left fuming when Isaac is seen flirting with the honeytrap. Photo: Youtube/To Catch a Cheater

The sting goes down with Amanda in a van outside the restaurant – with the brunette left outraged after she’s shown footage of him laughing with the beautiful woman.

“That’s why he wanted a break to do this everywhere,” she rages.

Amanda storms the restaurant to confront him – but is left completely shocked when what she thought was going to be the ultimate showdown instead sees Isaac with guitar in hand.

Amanda’s confrontation definitely didn’t go as planned. Photo: Youtube/To Catch A Cheater

Cue Amanda’s jaw hitting the ground – along with Isaac’s knee as he decides to pop the question.

Probably the best ending to a cheating sting we’ve ever seen.

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