Woman's creepy solution to neighbours' loud sex

A frustrated woman has taken to Reddit with an awkward dilemma about her noisy neighbours.

The Aussie lives in an apartment and has repeatedly asked her neighbours to keep it quiet as they blast music in the early hours of the morning, and regularly have loud sex.

The ‘screeching’ is so bad, in fact, she said, “It’s actually turning me off sex”.

So what to do? Well, she’s already tried going over there and asking them to tone it down, but to no avail, so she asked the forum if a little more drastic action was warranted.

“Would I be the a**hole if I record the audio of my neighbours having sex and play it back to them?” she asked.

“I feel they know I’m mild-mannered, and they’re taking advantage - that since I’m not a tough guy or something (I’m a young woman), they don’t care.”

A desperate woman doesn't know what to do about her noisy neighbours. Photo: Getty

Recording people without their consent is dangerous territory in Australia, and while laws vary between the states and territories, it is generally considered illegal to record a private conversation you are not involved in without the people’s consent.

In South Australia for example, “It is an offence for a person to intentionally use a listening device to overhear, record, monitor or listen to a private conversation without the express or implied consent of the parties to that conversation,” according to Women's Technology Safety project, ReCharge.

“Remember this prohibition is only for private conversations. A conversation between two people taking place in a private home where they are alone would be a private conversation.”

Whether or not the law would consider sex to be a private ‘conversation’ remains unclear.

Responding to the woman’s post, one person suggested a different course of action.

“Go to their door and press the bell,” they said, “Press it like ding...... ding...... ding...... ding..... and so on until they are annoyed as f*ck and open the door. And just say, ‘hey I heard loud noises is everything ok?’ Play the dumb.”

However another user, who had already tried this method, said it didn’t work for her.

“Oh noo, I had a neighbour…. she often had very extreme and loud sex with a very ugly old man,” they said, “Neighbours and I tried to ring the bell at least 20-30 times. These people didn't care one f*cking bit.”

Others suggested calling the police and making a noise report.

The Queensland government suggests trying to resolve noise complaints with your neighbours directly before involving the police, as the original poster said she had.

“If you can, try to sort the problem out with your neighbour before going to the police, council or your body corporate,” they advise.

“It’s always best to find a solution to the problem directly and keep on speaking terms.”

The same is suggested in NSW, and it is recommended that, “You may contact the police if you have an urgent noise problem,” and they will give the people a warning for a one-off noise complaint.

“If the problem continues, you may want to apply for a noise abatement order at the Local Court,” they say.

Renters and people living within a strata complex can also complain to their landlord or strata.

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