Debate rages over photo of Christmas presents: 'Ridiculous'

A woman who has shared a photo of the huge amount of Christmas presents she bought her grandchild has copped backlash online.

The photo shows a massive pile of presents for the baby's first Christmas, including plush toys, an array of books, baby formula and clothes.

However, the snap posted to Facebook of the enormous haul by the baby's mother sparked outrage, with one dubbing it "ridiculous".

A pile of Christmas presents including toys, clothes and books.
The woman was savaged over her huge Christmas present haul for her grandchild. Source: TikTok/@MJex

“Sorry I don’t want to be a negative Nancy, and I mean no offence by this, but this is ridiculous. He is a baby and will never remember all of these things," one commented on the snap according to 7NEWS.

“I’m just imagining how many batteries you’ll be replacing. Our toys all seem to go dead at the same time and suddenly I need multiple bulk packs of batteries at once,” a third pointed out.

A video also shared to TikTok garnered savage comments from people who disagreed with the grandmother's gift-giving style.

"Overkill," one said.

However, others defended the grandmother, with many saying they would do the same thing.

“I grew up homeless, without gifts, food, necessities due to being in an abusive and neglected home/foster homes and it really makes my heart happy to see others spoilt," one wrote on Facebook.

"I don’t even think this is over the top. They are all smallish and books clothes etc stuff he will need," one said on TikTok.

"Life is full of opportunities for everyone!! And it's your choice at the end of the day. Spoil your loved ones. Your money, your life. Love this," a third added.

7NEWS reports the baby's mother later apologised in the caption on the photo posted to Facebook to those it had offended.

“I’m aware of the less fortunate. I’m aware this is excessive," she wrote.

“The crazy accumulated amount of stuff that we don’t need has been donated to a foster care company for children born addicted.

“It was intended as a lighthearted post and I’m sorry.”

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