Woman's insanely organised fridge stirs up debate: 'Broke my heart'

This woman makes a strong case for making your fridge a piece of art in your home.

We’ve heard of organised pantries and pristine playrooms but this woman’s fridge has taken home decorating to a new level.

The TikToker, who goes by the handle @gardenof_eve, takes her followers on a journey with her as she elaborately decorates her fridge in different themes every week.

However, just like everything that’s put on the internet, her content didn’t come without its fair share of debate, with many of her followers questioning one item in particular she decides to store in her fridge.

Photo: TikTok/@gardenof_eve
Photo: TikTok/@gardenof_eve

One week, the woman took her followers inside her fridge, showing them three neatly stored trays of individual chocolates, colour-coded bottles of water and what looks like a lemon tree nestled in the back.

Yet, it was the three tomatoes at the front of the shot that got people talking, with many horrified she has decided to place them there.


Woman's organised fridge
She includes a bouquet of flowers and a picture of her cat inside her fridge. Photo: TikTok/@gardenof_eve
Valentine's Day fridge themes
The woman picks themes of the week for her fridge. Photo: TikTok/@gardenof_eve

“Beautiful but those gorgeous tomatoes in the fridge literally broke my heart,” one person wrote.

“I’ve heard tomatoes lose flavor in the fridge! But beautiful organization,” another said.

“Get the tomatoes out of the fridge rn,” another follower wrote.

According to Good Food, storing tomatoes in temperatures below 12C can alter their taste, with an expert saying it’s best to leave them either on the counter or in a shaded area of the kitchen.

The tomatoes weren’t the only thing TikTokers took issue with when it came to the woman’s fridge.

Woman's Halloween themed fridge.
This is her Halloween themed fridge. Photo: TikTok/@gardenof_eve
Woman's organised Fridge
Many questioned if there is actually enough food to make a meal in the fridge. Photo: TikTok/@gardenof_eve

“Now we decorating the INSIDE of our fridges? I simply cannot keep up,” one person wrote.

“Mam is this a fridge or a plant room,” one follower asked, to which she responded: "I’m not sure anymore”.

“It’s giving I don't cook,” another said.

However, the woman hit back, saying there are “so many cooking options” in her fridge and listing out a number of meals she could make, including omelettes and salads.

When another person asked if she has a “separate non-aesthetic fridge for leftovers?” the woman replied: “The leftovers are hiding in here somewhere”.

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