Woman's horror as fiancé photobombs her engagement pic

Eliza Velk
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A woman who thought she was sending a standard photo of her shimmering new engagement ring to all her friends and family accidentally sent a live image… and boy did that go wrong.

Friends and family were given a rude shock after clicking the on the live image which showed a lot more than they bargained for.

Rather than taking a standard single frame image, if your phone has the ‘live photo’ feature turned on it will actually take a 3-second moving image, capturing the movements right before and after the still image.

So as chance would have it, just as this woman took the photo of her flashy ring, her new fiancé walked right into the shot while whipping his penis out, making for a hilariously unexpected photobomb.

Little did she realise her fiance’s genitals were in the background of her image. Source: Reddit / u/ellis_28

Likely both unaware it was a live image, friends and relatives were sent the full 3-second clip of the couple showing off their… assets.

Talk about an awkward overshare.

A friend who was clearly humoured by the whole mishap responded to her saying, “Congrats girl. It’s huge,” before sharing it to social media for even more people to see. 

“Waiting for my friend to realise she sent us all a Live Photo…” Nick posted. 

At least her friend saw the funny side to the mishap. Source: Reddit / u/ellis_28

The photobomb has since gone viral, with both Twitter and Reddit users chiming in with their own puns.

“You’re not wrong, that finger is pretty big,” one said.

While others were thinking of the poor girl who had no idea what she was sending everyone.

“Lol a friend of mine knows the girl who did this…she sent it to her entire family. Imagine the horror.”

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“Can’t imagine how embarrassed she is,” someone said.

“And that’s why you never use Live Photo,” another said. 

Which is a very true lesson to take away from this, if you have the live photo setting turned on, always check photos before you send them to anyone.

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