Woman's 'horrifying' gym shorts fail goes viral: 'Probably banned'

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A woman has joked she is "going off the grid" after a mortifying activewear fail at the gym saw her miss the fact she had a hole in the crotch of her shorts that left her "fully exposed"

"The most embarrassing thing that has ever happened in my entire life just happened and I don’t, I don’t even know if I can say it out loud. Here we go," TikTok user Tessa revealed in a video, which has now been viewed more than 6.5M times.

gym shorts fail on TikTok
Tessa joked she is 'going off the grid' after a mortifying activewear fail at the gym. Photo: TikTok

"I don’t think I’ll ever be going back to my gym and I probably am not allowed. I’m probably banned," she said.

Tessa explained that she was working out her lower body in the weights section and decided to so a few sets of straight leg deadlifts - which is demonstrated in the clip - as part of her warm up.


"So I finished my deadlifts and I decided to go to the washroom," she continued, after holding up the shorts she had been wearing that day.

"I go pee. I take off my shorts. There is a hole in my crotch. How I didn’t feel that, I’ll never know, but it’s there. So, I panic."

She also adds the 'important information' that she wasn't wearing any underwear.

"I get out of the washroom and I check the mirror. Do a little test," she adds. "Everything is seen. You can see everything. Fully exposed."

TikTok gym shorts fail tessa shows deadlifts
She had been doing straight leg deadlifts which she demonstrated. Photo: TikTok

The video attracted thousands of comments from fellow TikTok users, with many calling out the fact that no one came forward to warn Tessa of her 'situation'.

"The level of DISRESPECT at all the women who saw and didn’t rush to warn you," one person commented.

"Okay but why wouldn’t someone be a decent human being and tell you?? Girl code! Human code!" another agreed.

Others wondered how she didn't notice the hole if she wasn't wearing any underwear.

"How did you not feel anything?! Not even a light breeze," was one exasperated response.

While another simple called the whole scenario "horrifying".

"I would literally move across the country if it was me," another wrote.

Thankfully it appears Tessa took it all in her stride and got back on the horse the next day, and braved the gym again, which she shared in a follow up clip.

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