Woman's 'drastic' decision after eight years of dating fails

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Years of Tinder dating helped Emily make a big decision about her future. Photo: Instagram/emilyhartridge
Years of Tinder dating helped Emily make a big decision about her future. Photo: Instagram/emilyhartridge

A woman has opened up about her decision to take motherhood into her own hands after eight years of failed dating experiences.

British personal trainer and vlogger Emily Hartridge opened up in a piece for The Sun about the moment she decided to take a big step to ensure her future as a mother.

“After spending eight years being let down, ghosted, and lied to by hopeless men on dating apps, I refused to miss my chance at motherhood,” the 34-year-old wrote.

Emily said her last serious relationship ended in 2011 and she was single for two years before deciding to try Tinder, because some of her friends had been able to find partners through the app.

It was there she discovered the world of ghosting, but said she “refused to be disheartened”.

Emily went on to detail one date where the guy she met ended up being nothing like his profile image or description. And another date where she was greeted by the guy grabbing her on the behind.

“I was so appalled, I chucked my wine in his face and stormed out. That night I decided to quit dating apps in the hope that I’d meet someone nice in real life who I could have a child with one day,” she explained.

“However, as I tried to convince myself that at 32 I still had time on my side, I couldn’t ignore the niggling thought that it might not happen.”

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AND SO IT BEGINS………🙋🏻‍♀️ . The egg freezing process has officially started 🍳❄ . I am 3 injections down and currently doing it every evening. On Friday I go back in for my next scan and to start injecting another hormone every morning so that will 2 injections a day for about 7 days 😲 . Injecting myself was actually easier than I thought. The needle is so small you don't even feel it going in. It's just a little harder for me because I don't have much fat around my tummy so I am always a bit nervous I am going to inject into my muscle 🚫 The ONE time it's bad to have abs 🤣 . So far i am feeling OK, I am on a high dose of this hormone Gonal so I am feeling quite tired and a 'tad' emotional but overall no major problems 👍I think it will all ramp up when I start taking the other hormone alongside it but I am just going to take it day by day and be extremely kind to myself 🤗 . The first episode of the Egg Diaries will be live this afternoon so I hope by me talking about it, it will help people and make women feel less alone and more informed about what the process is really like 🙋🏻‍♀️ . So although I feel a bit like a rabbit in headlights right now, I also feel an immense amount of self pride for taking control of a situation I could never have planned for 👊 . These things become taboos because no one talks about them and I would like to try and change that 🤚 _________________________________________________ #theeggdiaries #fertility #eggfreezing #women #babies #injections #proud #emilyhart #emilyhartridge #life #honesty #strong #abs #strongwomen #muscles #gains #boxing #girlswhobox #yoga #yogi

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It was a friend of hers that had initially looked into egg freezing, but Emily couldn’t afford the procedure at first. Thanks to her mum however, who offered to pay for the process, Emily was advised to start treatment right away with three rounds of egg freezing at a cost of almost $30,000.

It turns out it was through this process that Emily also found out she had low fertility levels.

“I’m so glad Tinder made me turn to egg freezing — it revealed my low fertility levels in time for me to do something about it,” she revealed.

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THE TRUTH ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS 🤚🏽 . I hate the focus on relationships in society and the pressure people feel to ‘find someone’ 😠 I openly talk about how I was single for 9 years before meeting Jake and there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. I needed to be single for that time because in that time I worked out who I was, what I wanted in life and I finally learnt that I alone am enough ❌ . I loved being by myself and just ‘doing me’ was so liberating and I know it sounds silly but I was so proud of myself. Because before that I was co dependant to the max and didn’t have a clue who I was 🤦🏻‍♀️ . I’ll be honest though, adjusting to being in a relationship after that long being single was really tough. Just factoring someone else into my life on an ongoing basis was a real challenge 😬 . On Instagram we see smiling couples, declaring love for each other, posting about how you couldn’t imagine a life without them. And that is lovely, post whatever the hell you want but it’s so so important to also show that everything is not perfect and relationships are hard sometimes 🤚🏽 . When I met Jake, the timing was all wrong for both of us. He had just come out of a mental health hospital, I was about to freeze my eggs. To be honest neither of us really knew how to navigate a relationship 🤷🏻‍♀️ We have had our fair share of ups and down since we met and not everything is perfect. He is a nutter, I am a nutter (obvs) and together we are a bunch of nutters but I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙃 . I am doing this post because I know how Instagram can make people feel. Yes I have met someone I really like who adores me but that doesn’t mean I don’t still have anxiety and that doesn’t mean everything is suddenly amazing. He is incredible and offers me support like I have never experienced in my whole life but you know me, I like to keep it real on here so I am just speaking from my heart ❣ . I have a lot of issues surrounding men and relationships so that is always something I am battling. But I guess it’s about meeting someone who is worth the battle right? And he is most definitely worth it ❤️

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Funnily enough, Emily is also currently in a relationship. She said she met fellow PT Jake just before she had her first egg removal procedure. And he has been very supportive throughout the whole process.

She has also been sharing her egg-freezing journey on Instagram, with photos and a series of “egg diaries” videos.

Emily had her first egg-freezing in November 2018, another round in February this year and is due to have her final one in June.

“It’s early days for me and Jake, so we haven’t discussed having kids yet, but hopefully in the next few years I might have a child,” she said.

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