Woman's diagnosis after follower spots small detail in video

The influencer thought the rash was an eczema flare up but a doctor confirmed it wasn't. Credit: TikTok/rosiebreenx

Video transcript


- I swear TikTok is going to save my life. I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and just out of whatever I said, oh, look at this thing on my back. You know, someone said it might be a fungal infection, but I think it's just my eczema.

She had a look at it and immediately she was like, Rosie, that is not your eczema. That doesn't even look like your eczema. That's a fungal infection.

What? So I had no idea. She had a look at it yesterday. She was like, we need to book a whole appointment to like look at this. This is crazy. So now I've got an appointment booked for two weeks time for them to check out my infection on my back, which I didn't even know I had.

So thank you so much to this girl.