Woman's chilling discovery in ex-boyfriend's toolbox: 'Terrifying'

A woman has claimed that she discovered a terrifying note in her ex-boyfriend's toolbox detailing his chilling plans after their break-up.

The woman said in a Reddit post she had left her abusive partner before finding a Post-it that said "vacation plans" above a sketch of a coffin with dimensions that apparently matched the woman's.

He also had added a smiley face on the note and the words "coffin box".

The woman explained that her ex-partner had left his toolbox behind after moving out, and discovered the note after giving the tools to a friend.

The woman claims she found this note in her ex-boyfriend's toolbox. Source: Reddit
The woman claims she found this note in her ex-boyfriend's toolbox. Source: Reddit

"It was one of those really large ones that was kept out in the garage," the woman explained.

"He was escorted off the property. When he was escorted to get some of his things, he didn't have a place for it wherever he was staying.

"He always intended on retrieving it, but when I was able to move, I gave it to a friend who works as a mechanic because I didn't have a use for something that big or that many tools.

"Before I gave it to him, I went through it to grab some basic stuff (hammer, screwdrivers, wrenches, drill etc) and that's when I found this."


People on Reddit were disturbed by the discovery, with many describing it as "terrifying".

Others urged the woman to go to the police.

"Please keep in mind you still might not be safe," one commented.

"I sincerely hope you've taken all precautions to ensure he doesn't find you," another said.

"This is so scary," a third added.

If you or someone you know is impacted by domestic violence call 1800 RESPECT (737 732) or the Family Violence Crisis and Support Service on 1800 608 122.

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